eotstumblrPeople often ask me, ‘hey Ali! Whaddya do when you’re not writing books, blogging about writing books or blogging about books written by other people?’

Actually people never ask me that, but I’ll tell you this for free – one of the things I do is help out with publicity for Homespun Theatre, an emerging children’s theatre company.  This entails running social media, making publicity materials,  sending out press releases and coming up with other promotional ideas – one of which you can actually see right now on the right hand side of this page.

Homespun Threads is an eBook of 35 fairy stories, gifted to us by emerging writers from across the world to help raise money to keep making children’s theatre.

But why am I telling you this?  Well, because for the holiday weekend (as in May 24 – May 27) Homespun Threads is ON SALE!

This is to celebrate the fact that Homespun are doing two performances of East of the Sun, West of the Moon at the Rondo Theatre in Bath this weekend, and to compensate those unfortunate people who can’t get to Bath for their dose of fairytale goodness.

I edited the book so am biased in favour of it (Amazon won’t even let me post a review), but I genuinely do think there is something for everyone.  There are funny stories, dark stories, ones to read out loud with the kids and some that are just for the grown ups.  Please check out other work by the list of contributors here, and read an extract of The Snowbirds here if you want more convincing!

The book will go up to the usual price of £6.17 at midnight on Monday, but as of RIGHT NOW is only £1.04 on Amazon (I tried to make it 99p but they added VAT) or $1.50 on Smashwords (which I think is 99p but I’m not totally sure).  This works out at just under 3p per story, which I think is an amazing bargain.

If you don’t have an e-reader you can still read the book because we have made it available in all the formats – if you can see this blog post, you can see Homespun Threads.  More information here if you’re unsure.

What I’m saying is, please buy and share and review this book – it will help an emerging theatre company continue to grow and develop, and it’ll cheer up your bank holiday weekend exponentially.

Also, if you’re in Bath, pop along to the Rondo and see the show!