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October Reads

Funnily enough I didn’t get as much reading done in October as in previous months. I didn’t get as much anything done, to be honest. Here is a synopsis of what I did manage to get through (TL;DR – it was mainly keeping a tiny human alive). Continue reading “October Reads”

August Reads

September is here, the nights are drawing in, and it’s time to look back on what I did with my life in August…

Continue reading “August Reads”

July Reads

A week late but nonetheless available for you to enjoy, here are my July Reads.

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That Festival Feeling

In Edinburgh it is festival time.

Well, actually, it’s almost always festival time here. We can’t move for the things. We’ve got an art one, a film one, an international one, a fringe one, a book one, a jazz one, a magic one, a science one, a Mela one, and a Hogmanay one. But August is when we have the International, Fringe, Book and Mela festivals all at once, so I’m going to go ahead and refer to this month in particular as ‘festival time’.

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When Writers Move House

A few months ago our letting agency hiked up the rent on our Edinburgh flat, using some flimsy pretext of ‘current market conditions’ to justify themselves. Heartbroken, Mildly irritated, my poet husband and I set about looking for a cheaper garret to hang our moleskines. Continue reading “When Writers Move House”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

The weekly photo challenge is ‘colour’, and as you can see I chose blue.  Initially I was going to write lots of different pages of a story I am working on longhand in different colours and make a gallery of those – but I appear to have misplaced most of my more interesting pen colours.  SEND PENS NOW.  Or, look at the blue things instead whilst I think of further ridiculous ways to procrastinate.

In other news, The Life and Times of a Working Barbarian is now live – why not go forth and vote on who you want the hero to be?

Pulling Out One’s Finger


Strange wicker owl thingy says SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.

Not you personally, me. I’ve been in limbo since the end of August – I didn’t have a break after the fringe madness, just went straight back to full time temping, waiting for a reprieve that I recently discovered isn’t going to come.

So I spoke to the wicker owl thingy and it told me to stop whinging and get on with it. Some people, it pointed out, in a voice suspiciously like my sister’s, have no legs – and they get on with things just fine. It is time to sort out the flat (which is a tip), schedule some blog posts, get some scran* in and finish editing some of these freakin’ books. What’s more, it’s time to do it all flexibly, around the edges of life and without a set routine, because the perfect part time job is clearly not forthcoming and I’m likely going to temp till I die, sometimes full time and sometimes not. I must therefore be flexible, like some sort of female google CEO. I’ve started by writing this post on my phone moments before leaving the house.

Happy Monday to you all. I am off to work.

*scran means food, non-Scottish readers

Inspirational Animals

One of the things about the internet is an upsurge in the number of inspirational quotations one sees in daily life.  They pop up on social networking sites all the time, and I’m pretty sure there’s been an inspiration increase in merchandise like T-Shirts and magnets and even in graffiti (especially on the walls and doors of pub toilets).

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Q and A

Q. How is the editing of the 12 books thing going?

A. … Slowly.

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