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May Reads

Could it really be June already? Yes, obviously it is. So here’s my thoroughly exciting roundup of what went on at 12 Books Towers during May. Hang on to your hats.

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Last week I was off work and it was nice. I did some gardening, spent a couple of nights away for my anniversary, and read a couple of books. At the end of the week, I also decided to have a bit of a frank conversation with myself about this writing malarkey. Continue reading “Holiday”

April Reads

The rollicking ride that is my reading and writing life continues apace with an effervescent update on my April Reads. Calm your tenterhooks and read on. Continue reading “April Reads”

Excusey McExcuse-Maker

A lot of life stuff has come at me over the past few months, and it has impacted on my writing time.

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(Somewhat Belated) March Reads

My quest to regularly round up some of the things in my life continues apace with March Reads, brought to you more than a week into April.

happy time GIF-downsized_large

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February Reads

At the end of January I vowed to do a monthly roundup of some of the things I had done, so that when my brain throws me into the depths of despair due to my lack of writing progress I can point to something tangible explaining why I am not a total failure. Here is the February edition.

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