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Crying and Covered in Milk

I have had another baby, hurrah! I’ve been trying to write about this for 9 weeks, but we had a bit of a rocky start and I haven’t had a lot of space or brain power to finesse my account. If it’s incoherent, consider it a deliberately postmodern take on the whole experience.

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What I Read – September – December 2021

Well, this has been a long time coming. For which I make no apology, as these posts are pretty much for me at this point.

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What I Read – April to August 2021

I started writing this in May, did a bit more in June, but by that point couldn’t remember what had transpired over the last couple of months… and as some of you may be aware, it’s now nearly the end of September. So this post is not forensic in its attention to detail.

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What I Read – March 2021

In March I read nine (9) books and did some other things as well. HBU?

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What I Read – February 2021

Things changed a bit round my house in February because we got a date for nurseries going back, signalling a little bit of respite from work/parenting guilt. It also seems to be the time of year I traditionally renew my commitment to writing, and this was no exception.

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What I Read – January 2021

What did you do in January? Not a lot I hope, there’s another lockdown on in case you hadn’t noticed. I mainly decided I’m going back to doing these posts monthly because it’s slightly easier for me to manage. Good news for the three of you who still read ‘em.

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