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What I Read – March 2021

In March I read nine (9) books and did some other things as well. HBU?

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What I Read – February 2021

Things changed a bit round my house in February because we got a date for nurseries going back, signalling a little bit of respite from work/parenting guilt. It also seems to be the time of year I traditionally renew my commitment to writing, and this was no exception.

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What I Read – January 2021

What did you do in January? Not a lot I hope, there’s another lockdown on in case you hadn’t noticed. I mainly decided I’m going back to doing these posts monthly because it’s slightly easier for me to manage. Good news for the three of you who still read ‘em.

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What I Read: October, November and December 2020

This is a bit overdue, as is so often the way – but no apologies from me. Life is chaos right now. Here’s what I read towards the end of 2020! I hope it helps if you’re looking for stuff to add to your TBR.

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What I read: July, August and September 2020

Since there haven’t been any festivals, holidays or other things to distract me, I’ve read quite a bit over the past three months. Here are some reviews in case you are looking for something interesting to buy from an independent book shop of your choice.

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What I read: April, May and June 2020

As it’s nearly time for the next instalment of these posts, I thought I’d better finish the one that’s been in my drafts and almost-but-not-quite-complete since June. Lockdown was not great for my concentration.

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