Worst. Conan. Everrr.
Least convincing Conan ever.

My first contribution to The Working Barbarian is now live! You have just under a week to read it and vote on what happens next

To explain  – I recently became involved with an online Choose Your Own Adventure story.  Every week someone writes a section, You The Public vote on what happens next, and the baton is passed on to the next writer who writes their bit of the tale based on the results.

Preparation for my section included making a Pinterest board with pictures of barbarians and Jala’s home in the snowy North – not because I needed those things to help me envisage it, but because Pinterest is like crack – and reading over the previous instalments several times to make sure the story was as joined up as it could be.  The main thing I learned from the Pinterest research is that most female barbarians have red hair and don’t wear very much, so it’s nice that our lead, Jala, breaks the mould by being blonde and fully clothed.

So far the writers haven’t spoken behind the scenes about what they see happening in the story – each new part is totally new to all of us.  I found when writing my bit that there was a lot of temptation to put things in to screw with the others – although I didn’t really do that, in the end!  However, as the project progresses I can imagine people relaxing a bit, perhaps starting to introduce random plot points or recurring niggly character traits that will need to be continued by the next contributor…

Catching up is still perfectly possible – not a lot has happened yet!  The story so far is that Jala, a barbarian, has been booted out of her home in the snowy north and is now travelling south in search of adventure.  In the newest instalment she may have found it… or she may not’ve.  You decide, by reading and voting and sharing with other likeminded folk who may also want to read and vote and share.

You’re also welcome to leave comments and suggestions, either on the main site or the facebook page – such missives will be read with interest, although I cannot guarantee they’ll be taken on board as I’m not the boss of the other writers involved.