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Good News, Everyone

Worst. Conan. Everrr.
Least convincing Conan ever.

My first contribution to The Working Barbarian is now live! You have just under a week to read it and vote on what happens next

To explain  – I recently became involved with an online Choose Your Own Adventure story.  Every week someone writes a section, You The Public vote on what happens next, and the baton is passed on to the next writer who writes their bit of the tale based on the results.

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12 Books Quads

A few weeks back I posted a link to 12 Novels in 12 Months, my writing twin from Canada who started her project last June… and now another 12 book writer has popped up in Utah!  Michelle started in January and you can find her at  I think we might have to found some kind of club.

There is also a 12 books project going on in Wisconsin, although this one is a little different than ours.  Writer/game designer Matt Forbeck is writing four trilogies this year and he crowd sourced actual money to help him do it.  Why didn’t I think of that back in December 2010…

All of this goes to show that it was clearly an excellent idea, because great minds think alike.  Or, as my friend claims they would say in Germany, ‘two idiots, one thought’.  And it means you are spoiled for choice in terms of reading the ongoing adventures of people who haven’t finished their novelling yet. How many people across the world will do this in 2013?  Lots, probably.


I did muck about with my camera this weekend..

I took a break from the blog over the weekend, which is going to be a more regular occurrence from now on in the sense that after this week I am not going to update every day. Although I severely doubt anyone is actually checking for new stuff every day anyway – I’m sure you all have lives.

Anyway, throughout November I’m going to take it down a notch and update on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  This is mainly because I don’t want to give myself reasons not to NaNo, and blog upkeep could certainly become a means of productive procrastination – the trickiest of all the procrastination types.  I’ve cut myself some word count slack in other months this year, but in November I really want to hit the 50k again.

However, that’s next week.  This week you can look forward to daily updates, including another guest post, this time from YA publisher The Red Telephone; a post about writing the sort of post people want to read about; and a few more completed horror shorts.  Hooray!

In other news of things that are happening this very week, I’m going back on Simon Fielding’s Leith FM show.  This has now moved to Wednesday between 8.30 and 10pm, so if you wish to hear my dulcet tones gracing the airwaves then that is the place to be.  He’s also going to be having a chat to musician Lloyd Cole on the phone, so even if you don’t really care about my book writing shenanigans you should still tune in for that.

And finally, a friend linked me to something you may find interesting: writer and illustrator Ruth Lampi is crowdsourcing funds to publish her new book.  Find out more about The Germhacht Episode here.  I have to say, I’m curious as to how there can be a last immortal… worth a dollar or two, surely?

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