Jala by Eoin Hurl (http://ultimatehurl.tumblr.com/)
Jala by Eoin Hurl (http://ultimatehurl.tumblr.com/)

You may remember a post I posted at the beginning of April, explaining that one of my internet friends had concocted A Brilliant Scheme to pay homage to Choose Your Own Adventure Books via the power of the internet.

The Life And Times of A Working Barbarian is now live, with a blog and a Facebook page to prove it (social media being the only way to gain any clout these days).

The titular Barbarian is named Jala, and thus far there have been three gripping episodes of her story (although for the time conscious amongst you, they are all quite brief, and catching up will be the work of a few moments).  These episodes were:

  1. The Beginning
  2. The Leave-Taking
  3. Something Rotten

Voting on Something Rotten closes at noon on Sunday (May 12) and it is important to me that you go and vote on what Jala does next, the same as you vote for your favourites on the X Factor or whatever (to be honest I don’t really know what reality shows tha kidz are voting on these days – we don’t have live TV any more, but exist on a diet of DVDs of The Clangers and iPlayering Doctor Who).

Once you have exercised that inalienable democratic right (especially women readers, please – Emily Davison didn’t throw herself under the king’s horse just so that you could sit about not voting on internet polls) I will be writing the next thrilling instalment of the saga.  GO GO GO.