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How To Make a Book Christmas Tree (blogmas day twelvety)

Unable or unwilling to get a real Christmas tree this year? Here’s yet another blog post on how to make one out of books. Continue reading “How To Make a Book Christmas Tree (blogmas day twelvety)”

The best Christmas films (#blogmas)

Let’s not bother with any pre-amble – as part of blogmas, please find below a list of the five best Christmas films. This is the definitive list, all other lists are obsolete. Continue reading “The best Christmas films (#blogmas)”

Five gift ideas for the writer in your life (a #blogmas post)

Do you have a writer in your life? With just a week to go til the big C, are you struggling to think of a Christmas present to get them? Well struggle no more, I have made the gift guide you’ve been waiting for. You’re welcome. Continue reading “Five gift ideas for the writer in your life (a #blogmas post)”

Kittens in the Library (#blogmas day 8)

My recent trip to Manchester wasn’t purely dedicated to Christmas markets – we also went to the museum (where we met a dinosaur called Stan with the voice of Mark Radcliffe), and this sweet gothic library. Continue reading “Kittens in the Library (#blogmas day 8)”

Manchester Markets (#blogmas day 7 in theory)

Over the weekend I braved Storm Desmond to catch up with friends and family in Manchester and Leeds, which meant that I immediately stopped doing blogmas in favour of visiting 9 million Christmas markets and eating my body weight in cheese. But I did take some pictures of said markets. So here they are. Continue reading “Manchester Markets (#blogmas day 7 in theory)”

What is #blogmas and why should I care?

In the waning days of NaNoWriMo, when I should have been playing catchup like there was no tomorrow, I was of course procrastinating on Twitter. Continue reading “What is #blogmas and why should I care?”

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