In the waning days of NaNoWriMo, when I should have been playing catchup like there was no tomorrow, I was of course procrastinating on Twitter.

A Christmas Tree I drew on my phoneThere, I chanced upon a message from a stranger posing the curious question ‘is anyone else doing #blogmas this year?’

Normally I would have skipped over this, the answer being ‘muh?’ But because I was supposed to be doing something else I immediately began researching what ‘blogmas’ was, before swiftly moving on to a little light angsting over whether it was an Internet bandwagon I should be jumping on.

The answer to the former is ‘it’s where you blog about festive things every day of December/Advent’ (sources vary a bit on whether you’re meant to do the full month, but most seem to be going for the first 25 days). Content might include posts about Christmas traditions, gift suggestions, or playlists.

The answer to the latter is – yeah, why not? It might be fun.

I don’t know if I’ll manage to post something every day, since

  1. I’m not Nostradamus
  2. I’ve not planned any posts yet
  3. December is a busy old month, and is upon us even as I type – who knows what pits I could fall in when trying to post every day?

But I’ll give it a go, at least until someone begs me to stop.

Incidentally for anyone wondering how NaNoWriMo went (aside from the procrastination portion, which clearly went fantastically well): the house move got the better of me in the end, so I didn’t finish.

Well, I definitely haven’t finished the story. I have absolutely no idea what the word count was at midnight yesterday, because I had the ingenious idea of writing the whole thing by hand, and my handwriting varies wildly in size depending how enthused and/or tired I am at the time of writing. I estimate that by the time I get to the end of this notebook, I’ll be near the 50k.

Maybe I’ll let you know when I run out of things to say about blogmas.