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Merry Christmas, Bonaparte Cuckooclock

IMG_9618Happy holidays, everyone! I wrote you another story with the help of the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator. Hope you enjoy it.

Once Upon A Time there was a lad of eight years who went by the name of Bonaparte Cuckooclock.

He lived in a hollowed out tree in an enchanted forest, but he didn’t see anything unusual in that for it was the only life he had ever known – and a very fine life it was too, dining on cherry blossom and morning dew and never having to go to school.

Note to any younger readers: do not try to subsist on a diet of cherry blossom and morning dew.  You’ll make yourself spectacularly unwell – Bonaparte was a character in a story, and as such his digestive tract was subject to the whims of the author.  You are, one assumes, a human child and as such you need to eat heartier foodstuffs like jam sandwiches and pickled eggs and all those other lovely things children like to eat. Feel free to leave a list in the comments.

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Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Great King Street

I was going through half finished word documents from last year (there are a fair few with beginnings of characters and ideas started then abandoned) and found this.  It’s a poem I wrote for my brother in December which I considered making into a picture book before I got into the falcon idea.  Maybe I’ll get it done this year, though.  In fact, maybe I’ll do a collection of story-poems based on Edinburgh streets and illustrate the whole thing… if you think that idea has legs, please leave a comment!

The background to this one is that my brother and I were crossing Great King Street in Edinburgh and both slipped on a wee patch of black ice.  However, the temperature was a balmy 6 or 7 degrees and there was no ice or snow or anything anywhere else – so naturally we got suspicious.  Why was that bit icy, when everywhere else was fine?  Clearly the answer was magic.

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Merry Winterval

Happy Festive Season to you, dear readers, from me and this weird sideways faced owl I found at the German market in Edinburgh.

I was hoping to have a PDF of the falcon comic for you to download as a present on Sunday but alas, time got away from me and I’m not going to manage it before embarking upon a round trip of Ayrshire and Perthshire in about an hour.

You can look forward to that next week sometime, but for now why not see if you can make your face go sideways too? It’s hours of fun.  This is my one:

Have a lovely weekend.

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