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28 drawings later

28 Drawings Later – Day 28

And so it is the 28th of February, which means the end of 28 Drawings Later for this year (the clue is in the name, people).  What with one thing and another the past few days have been really quite annoying (crisis of confidence during book five editing and Ryanair are the main culprits, here) but it has genuinely cheered me up to look at the photo gallery of other people’s 28 drawings on the facebook page.  I particularly enjoyed the dude who just posted about twenty pictures of Pokemon in one go – what a legend.

My last piece is a digital one, a flyer idea for the show.  I drew it freehand in the sense that I drew it straight into PhotoShop using my super cool graphics tablet… So it’s not exactly cheating.  It’s pretty purple, though.

Day 28 - Flyer

28 Drawings Later – Days 25, 26 and 27

I have been editing away over the weekend to the extent I’ve pulled my shoulder a bit, but I don’t think my book is ready for that competition yet.  The quality of writing is OK but I have reservations about the plot.  It needs a bit more time to sit, essentially.

In other news, 28 Drawings Later is nearly finished!  Drawings for the last few days are quite quick wee things due to all the novelling, but here they are anyway.

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28 Drawings Later – Days 23 and 24

It’s been a busy couple of days (mainly with editing, although I did also get to go to the Scottish Children’s Book Awards yesterday – more on that in my article on The Edinburgh Reporter) so I’ve done a couple of mixed media doohickies.

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28 Drawings Later – Days 17, 18, and 19

I tried to post this yesterday but our internet wasn’t having any of it so I gave up and watched Under Siege 2 instead. I had a fairly busy weekend so just did a few quick doodles focusing on things the young girl is given by three random old ladies to help with her quest to find the prince in the castle.

The gifts are slightly unusual – a bit like when your granny starts to lose it a bit and gives you things where you’re like ‘wow, what a lovely… what is that?’  One is a spinning wheel, which seems like it would be slightly unwieldy, or at least my one is as it’s a full size one with foot pedals.  Presumably there are more portable versions which I will discover as my research progresses further.

Day 17 - Spinning Wheel

Then we have some more carding combs.  You may remember the other day I did a golden hair comb, without actually referring back to the text of the story, only to discover that the gift wasn’t a hair comb at all but the kind used for getting icky bits out of sheep’s wool when you’re going to spin it into thread.  This makes sense in the context of the spinning wheel, but it’s not the most magical looking item… nowadays the things used for carding are a bit like giant hair brushes, but I managed to find a couple of more old fashioned looking ones to sketch.

Day 18 - Carding Combs

I think this is the style I’ll probably use in the event I develop any of these into something approximating promotional materials for the play. It’s not that dissimilar to the hair comb, but I think it’s a nice shape and probably easier to stick in the pocket of a raggedy dress than some of the others.

Day 19 - Carding Comb

Editing, and a request for readers…

And lo, it was February, and the never-ending task of editing the 12 books I wrote across the 12 months of 2011 began in earnest.

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure where to start with this.  Some people might choose the beginning, but frankly I didn’t wanna.  I could lie and tell you this is because I’ve read so many articles saying starting at the beginning is narrative suicide, but (as I mentioned at the beginning of this sentence) that would be a lie.

It’s actually something of a practical issue.  I’ve lost around an hour a day to the 28 Drawings Later challenge this month, so in editorial terms I wanted something I could go back to and just edit.  However, the first book I wrote last year, Caligula’s Blog, deserves a lot more research than I managed to do at the time, which means I can’t just jump straight back in.  Well maybe I could, but as discussed, I don’t want to.  I want to be able to take a few hours at a time to get really immersed in the history of it so that I go back with as accurate a timeline as possible and much more in-depth knowledge of the period.

So, the beginning turns out not to be a great place for me to start. However, help is at hand in the form of a couple of competitions – The Dundee International Book Prize, which I mentioned in a post last month, and The Kelpies Prize.

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28 Drawings Later – Days 14, 15 and 16

Another three in one catch up post today… A castle, an apple and a comb.  Classic fairytale fare.

The first one is a bit of a doodle which I did at work on Tuesday.  The castle that lies east of the sun and west of the moon – the heroine has to ride all four of the winds to get there you know.  She’s pretty hardcore.

Day 14 - the evil queen's castle

Then we have a golden apple, given to the girl by an old lady for no very good reason.  There are three old ladies and three fairly disparate golden items they bestow upon her – they’re sort of like a low rent Q from the James Bond movies.

Day 15 - a golden apple

According to the story, which I did not refer to until after drawing this, it was meant to be a golden carding comb rather than a hair one… oops.

Day 16 - a golden comb

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