I tried to post this yesterday but our internet wasn’t having any of it so I gave up and watched Under Siege 2 instead. I had a fairly busy weekend so just did a few quick doodles focusing on things the young girl is given by three random old ladies to help with her quest to find the prince in the castle.

The gifts are slightly unusual – a bit like when your granny starts to lose it a bit and gives you things where you’re like ‘wow, what a lovely… what is that?’  One is a spinning wheel, which seems like it would be slightly unwieldy, or at least my one is as it’s a full size one with foot pedals.  Presumably there are more portable versions which I will discover as my research progresses further.

Day 17 - Spinning Wheel

Then we have some more carding combs.  You may remember the other day I did a golden hair comb, without actually referring back to the text of the story, only to discover that the gift wasn’t a hair comb at all but the kind used for getting icky bits out of sheep’s wool when you’re going to spin it into thread.  This makes sense in the context of the spinning wheel, but it’s not the most magical looking item… nowadays the things used for carding are a bit like giant hair brushes, but I managed to find a couple of more old fashioned looking ones to sketch.

Day 18 - Carding Combs

I think this is the style I’ll probably use in the event I develop any of these into something approximating promotional materials for the play. It’s not that dissimilar to the hair comb, but I think it’s a nice shape and probably easier to stick in the pocket of a raggedy dress than some of the others.

Day 19 - Carding Comb