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28 drawings later

28 Drawings Later – Day 10

One of the main characters in East of the Sun and West of the Moon (a fairytale which is my chosen theme for this month’s 28 Drawings Later challenge, new people) is The White Bear.  So I thought I would draw him.  In doing this I came across lots of adorable pictures of baby polar bears and nearly died of a cuteness overload.  And then my friend posted a picture of her newborn baby on facebook and I literally did die of a cuteness overload.  If you take the word ‘literally’ to mean ‘not literally’, which I understand is the way the kidz use it these days.  Curse you, society. I’m now feeling quite broody, and plan to go out and obtain myself a baby human and a baby polar bear, not necessarily in that order.  Still, I figure they’ll look out for one another rather than fighting if we introduce them to each other early enough.

Anyway, here’s my drawing of a bear.

Day 10 - The White Bear

28 Drawings Later – Day 7

Four of the characters in this play are the wind.

This presents a problem you may remember from the Disney film Pochahontas – namely, can you paint with all the colours of the wind?  If so, what are those colours?  Because you can’t really see the wind, can you.  Traditionally the main visual indicator of the phenomenon is a trail of destruction.  My first thought, then, is things being blown by it.

Day 7

If you have a more imaginative way of doing this, please leave a comment…

28 Drawings Later – Days 5 and 6

Two in one again today. The first one isn’t technically a drawing I suppose, but never mind. It’s an experiment with the text from the story.

Day 5

And today’s effort is a set of quick character sketches for the youngest, prettiest daughter.  When you put ‘pretty’ into flickr or google image search you get a lot of loose waves and enormous eyes.  Combine this with my tendency to draw people in an overly cartoony style and this is the sort of thing you get.  I think this is exacerbated by using photos, so at some point this month I will endeavour to draw from life…  But not on this day.

Day 6 - The Daughter

28 Drawings Later – Days 3 and 4

Because I did not post yesterday, today you get 2 drawings in one go.  How delightful.  You can see even more if you go on the 28 Drawings Later Facebook page, which I urge you to do.  I love basically everything on there.  Although a word of warning – don’t go expressing your love by clicking ‘like’ on every other picture unless you are happy for them to clog up all your friends’ stalkerfeeds.  I did that the first day and my flatmates signed in to just see about 30 pictures by strangers on their home page, with nary a status update about how that person you knew in school fifteen years ago ‘ate a really nice biscuit’ to be seen.

In other news, if you happen to be in Pitlochry this evening (well, it could happen) why not head to the Festival Theatre at 9.30pm?  They are running an event as part of the Winter Words Festival called Fearie Tales, where actors read out scary fairy stories, and tonight (after an evening with Neil Oliver, which sounds delightful) they are reading one of mine.  It’s called Daniel and the Witch and it’s probably excellent, but that is not really for me to say.

Day 3 - A Broken Compass

East of the Sun, West of the Moon – you’re going to need some sort of navigational help to find that place aren’t you.

His Wife

The kind but poor gentleman’s wife.  I don’t know how she got her hair like that.

28 Drawings Later – Day 2

I thought I’d experiment with a few character sketches from the play.  First on the list is ‘A kind but poor gentleman’.  I’m not sure exactly how old he is, or whether he wears a hat…  So I drew a couple of kind men.  In hats.  Hats make the gentleman, probably.  I imagine him sort of shabby but refined although that patently doesn’t come over in either of these, they both appear quite well to do.  OH WELL.  This is why we do research.

Kind But Poor

28 Drawings Later

As discussed, this month I am going to do the 28 Days Later Drawing Challenge.  I am posting the pictures here too because there is a literary theme – I am doing a series of images as research for a new theatre company called Inglenook, who are debuting a kids show called East of the Sun and West of the Moon at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Image the first is an inglenook, or old fashioned fireplace – because they’re going to need a logo at some point.  I thought drawing this might help me think of an idea for one, but no joy so far.  I mainly just feel the need for some better pencils.  And shame that I haven’t drawn without the aid of a graphic tablet in months.

Anyway, if you want to see what other people are doing this month, or even join in, you should ‘like’ the Facebook page.  I would highly recommend you do as well, there are already loads of brilliant pictures on there.

Day One - Inglenook



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