I have been editing away over the weekend to the extent I’ve pulled my shoulder a bit, but I don’t think my book is ready for that competition yet.  The quality of writing is OK but I have reservations about the plot.  It needs a bit more time to sit, essentially.

In other news, 28 Drawings Later is nearly finished!  Drawings for the last few days are quite quick wee things due to all the novelling, but here they are anyway.

First up, logo ideas for the theatre company, which is called Inglenook.  I thought a metal teapot boiling over the fire in an inglenook might work quite well.  I drew these whilst watching Nanny McPhee, because I am cool.

Day 25 - Tea Nook

A couple of sketches of the prince, who you may recall is sometimes a white bear (during the daytime, I believe).

Day 26 - the white bear

Some old ladies – there are three in the story who give the heroine random golden objects to aid her quest.  As you do.

Day 26 - older ladies