It’s been a busy couple of days (mainly with editing, although I did also get to go to the Scottish Children’s Book Awards yesterday – more on that in my article on The Edinburgh Reporter) so I’ve done a couple of mixed media doohickies.

Yesterday I tried to simplify the spinning wheel idea using a glittery gift label left over from Christmas.  I did it in a bit of a hurry and have no idea what I’ve done with my cutting mat, so it’s a little bit wonky… but never mind, that is why I have a research period rather than just cobbling something together at the last minute.

Day 23 - spinning wheel the second

Today we have a little illustration of the castle, a bit more in depth than the doodle I did last week… The squiggles are supposed to represent the wind, and the buttons are because I thought it would look cute.

Day 24 - There is a castle on a cloud...