Hormones make you pretty crazy when you’re a big fat preggo. In the summer, with a couple of months left to go, I started keeping a list of reasons why I was crying. Some were more legit than others. Here is a list incorporating many of them. Does it count as a list poem? I don’t know. 

It was too hot too sleep

I had to get up and go to work (when I was very tired)

I got to work (and I was very tired)

My husband asked me to go to a poetry show with him 

My husband said he would probably go to the poetry show without me

My husband suggested the song we had for the first dance at our wedding three years ago was lyrically a dubious choice

I stayed at a party longer than I intended so I could see my sister –

she’d got caught up at work and (very reasonably) said I shouldn’t have bothered.

The hospital gave me a scan appointment at 8.45am

My husband booked his driving test

We got stuck in traffic on the way to work for the second day in a row and my husband said we should leave early tomorrow 

I arrived at work and it was all a bit much 

My husband got a new job

I failed to screw a hinge into a wardrobe door

Something sad happened in a book I was reading 


NB – there’s further context to several of these but I have removed it for comic effect, that’s how writing works. See me for details.