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Crying and Covered in Milk

I have had another baby, hurrah! I’ve been trying to write about this for 9 weeks, but we had a bit of a rocky start and I haven’t had a lot of space or brain power to finesse my account. If it’s incoherent, consider it a deliberately postmodern take on the whole experience.

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What I Read – March 2021

In March I read nine (9) books and did some other things as well. HBU?

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What I Read – February 2021

Things changed a bit round my house in February because we got a date for nurseries going back, signalling a little bit of respite from work/parenting guilt. It also seems to be the time of year I traditionally renew my commitment to writing, and this was no exception.

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Pockets of Sunshine

Here we are 900 years into lockdown (I am in Scotland, where we’re still working on the basis the extremely contagious virus might spread if we all jump on the bus to the office or invite folk round to do the housework) and I thought I’d better write something about things that are going well – a few pockets of sunshine, if you will. Mainly because my last post was kind of a downer. Continue reading “Pockets of Sunshine”

Crash Bang Wallop What A Virus

Well this has been a funny old year hasn’t it. Back in December-January I was feeling cautiously optimistic I was headed back towards some semblance of normality after the weird discombobulation of returning to work after a year off. In February we viewed a flat and ended up making an offer on it: stressful and exciting weeks ahoy! Then there was March. Continue reading “Crash Bang Wallop What A Virus”

What I’ve Been Reading – December 2019

Happy New Year. Excited to be posting the last of these monthly roundups from 2019, what a rush, can you even believe it? *sits back and waits for blogosphere to explode, if the blogosphere is even a thing in 2020* Continue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – December 2019”

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