Further to my recent post ‘Making Submission Themes Work For You‘, my attempt at a Tim Henman inspired story for children  has been featured on the the inaugural Lies, Dreaming podcast. I’m told this is due to quality of work and not nepotism – have a listen and see what you think.

I have to say, the contributors have really risen to the occasion with what I thought was quite a difficult theme. There’s some great stuff on there, from the opening poem by Kevin Cadwallender to a Lovecraftian piece by Rachel Tonks Hill to a choose your own adventure style bit by Stefan Mohamed. I particularly liked Charles Adrian‘s tale of a mother hen called Bramble.

The next Lies, Dreaming podcast, launching in January 2016 (the 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s birth), is on the theme ‘Shakespeare Doesn’t Exist‘. Because of course it is. You have until the 30th of December to get your submissions in. To do that, record a spoken word piece of up to 5 minutes and email it to lies.dreamingpodcast at gmail dot com. You don’t need to put background music on, the podcasters will do that for you.