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When Writers Commute

A lot of writers have day jobs. Making a living from wordsmithery alone is not as easy as it was in the days of Shakespeare, when all you had to do was be one of two local writers that could hold a quill in order to go down in history.  These days everyone with a notes function on their phone can have a go, slush piles are the size of the giant redwood, and rather than trawling through them publishers turn to the equally underqualified beautiful celebrities instead. I think that’s how it works, anyway – this précis is brought to you by much reading of articles on the state of publishing today and not through direct experience of having my own work passed over in favour of very tall footballer Peter Crouch.  Continue reading “When Writers Commute”

Not So Silent Sunday

Further to my recent post ‘Making Submission Themes Work For You‘, my attempt at a Tim Henman inspired story for children  has been featured on the the inaugural Lies, Dreaming podcast. I’m told this is due to quality of work and not nepotism – have a listen and see what you think. Continue reading “Not So Silent Sunday”

Happy Holidays

I am taking the weekend off, as I’m sure you are too, to watch Game of Thrones and read books and eat chocolate. This is what public holidays are for.  However, if you want something else to entertain you, why not try online Madlibs?  Yeah, you read right, Madlibs.  Remember them?  That may depend how old you are… but basically you stick in a bunch of verbs and adjectives and the like and it rewrites a piece of literature for you, like Hamlet’s third soliloquy:

To be, or not to admire, – that is the chocolate;
Whether ’tis nobler in the magic to suffer
The slings and kittens of tasteless fortune,
Or to take eggs against a sea of eggs,
And by giving end them. To die, – to compete, –
No more; and by a compete to say we end
The turkey and the five billion natural shocks
That flesh is taxidermist to, – ’tis a raven
suddenly to be wish’d. To die, – to compete,-
To compete! perchance to precede! ay, there’s the popcorn;
For in that compete of death what muffins may come
When we have radiated off this raspy coil,
Must give us jellybabies….

It’s hours of literary fun, I tell you – not to mention, like, totally wacky.

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