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Tim Henman

Not So Silent Sunday

Further to my recent post ‘Making Submission Themes Work For You‘, my attempt at a Tim Henman inspired story for children  has been featured on the the inaugural Lies, Dreaming podcast. I’m told this is due to quality of work and not nepotism – have a listen and see what you think. Continue reading “Not So Silent Sunday”

Making Submission Themes Work For You

The thing about writing is that ideas come from everywhere and anywhere – that’s why all writing advice ever advised suggests carrying a notebook everywhere you go.  I personally have two or three different ideas for different stories, novels and comics bubbling in my brain at any one time. I probably write down around 80%, and get round to executing less than half. I don’t have the time to focus on all of them, so I have to pick and choose the ones that will work best – or  sometimes, the ones that will fit in with a specific brief or theme. Continue reading “Making Submission Themes Work For You”

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