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28 Drawings Later – Day 28

And so it is the 28th of February, which means the end of 28 Drawings Later for this year (the clue is in the name, people).  What with one thing and another the past few days have been really quite annoying (crisis of confidence during book five editing and Ryanair are the main culprits, here) but it has genuinely cheered me up to look at the photo gallery of other people’s 28 drawings on the facebook page.  I particularly enjoyed the dude who just posted about twenty pictures of Pokemon in one go – what a legend.

My last piece is a digital one, a flyer idea for the show.  I drew it freehand in the sense that I drew it straight into PhotoShop using my super cool graphics tablet… So it’s not exactly cheating.  It’s pretty purple, though.

Day 28 - Flyer

28 Drawings Later – Days 25, 26 and 27

I have been editing away over the weekend to the extent I’ve pulled my shoulder a bit, but I don’t think my book is ready for that competition yet.  The quality of writing is OK but I have reservations about the plot.  It needs a bit more time to sit, essentially.

In other news, 28 Drawings Later is nearly finished!  Drawings for the last few days are quite quick wee things due to all the novelling, but here they are anyway.

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28 Drawings Later – Day 2

I thought I’d experiment with a few character sketches from the play.  First on the list is ‘A kind but poor gentleman’.  I’m not sure exactly how old he is, or whether he wears a hat…  So I drew a couple of kind men.  In hats.  Hats make the gentleman, probably.  I imagine him sort of shabby but refined although that patently doesn’t come over in either of these, they both appear quite well to do.  OH WELL.  This is why we do research.

Kind But Poor

28 Drawings Later

As discussed, this month I am going to do the 28 Days Later Drawing Challenge.  I am posting the pictures here too because there is a literary theme – I am doing a series of images as research for a new theatre company called Inglenook, who are debuting a kids show called East of the Sun and West of the Moon at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Image the first is an inglenook, or old fashioned fireplace – because they’re going to need a logo at some point.  I thought drawing this might help me think of an idea for one, but no joy so far.  I mainly just feel the need for some better pencils.  And shame that I haven’t drawn without the aid of a graphic tablet in months.

Anyway, if you want to see what other people are doing this month, or even join in, you should ‘like’ the Facebook page.  I would highly recommend you do as well, there are already loads of brilliant pictures on there.

Day One - Inglenook



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