I can’t quite seem to get into a habit of posting every day (methinks the book editing is to blame), but so far I’ve managed to keep up with the 28 Drawings Challenge without causing myself undue stress.  Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about witches, because like all good fairy stories East of the Sun and West of the Moon incorporates a few of them.

There is also a horrible troll princess with a really long nose, so I drew a page of noses, thus:

Day 20 - Look at the noses

Then I did some witches.  First, a green one who I mucked up rather.  I’m not very happy with her at all – I got the perspective all wrong and she wasn’t meant to be so cartoony, so this feels regressive.   One of the hazards of drawing straight onto a watercolour-ed backdrop with pens I suppose…  So I guess she is my practice run.

Day 21 - all the witches want to marry the prince too

Then I did a less green, much older witch.  I like her a lot better, although she feels a bit unfinished.  I’ve not been spending as much time on these as I would like, because book editing is coming first, but I think there are some nice notebook ideas appearing here and there all the same.

Day 22 - Old Witch