A few weeks back I posted a link to 12 Novels in 12 Months, my writing twin from Canada who started her project last June… and now another 12 book writer has popped up in Utah!  Michelle started in January and you can find her at 12novels.com.  I think we might have to found some kind of club.

There is also a 12 books project going on in Wisconsin, although this one is a little different than ours.  Writer/game designer Matt Forbeck is writing four trilogies this year and he crowd sourced actual money to help him do it.  Why didn’t I think of that back in December 2010…

All of this goes to show that it was clearly an excellent idea, because great minds think alike.  Or, as my friend claims they would say in Germany, ‘two idiots, one thought’.  And it means you are spoiled for choice in terms of reading the ongoing adventures of people who haven’t finished their novelling yet. How many people across the world will do this in 2013?  Lots, probably.