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Public Service Announcement

If you are a Facebook user (and I do appreciate it is not everyone’s cup of tea), this post may be of interest to you.

I recently found out via the always helpful Nicola Morgan’s author page that the site now requires page admins to pay them cash dollars to promote status updates to folk who already ‘Like’ something.  Essentially, if I don’t give them my money (which I haven’t, because come on) 10% or fewer ‘likers’ will receive 12 Books page updates in their news feeds.

What this means is that you are missing out on some super hilarious memes I’ve been scheduling, like this: Continue reading “Public Service Announcement”

Book Six Revisited

Book 6 in my mind.
Book 6 in my mind.

So, I was re-reading Book Six because in my mind there were sections of it that I might be able to remove and adapt into a story for a magazine submission.  It turns out I was wrong – those bits existed in my head, but I neglected to write them down.

Here’s what I discovered on revisiting that draft.

  1. I didn’t write anywhere near as much of the story as I had previously imagined – which is sad because I thought about it a lot and had tons of ideas.
  2. Most of what I did write was background stuff that happened about 5 years before the story actually begins.  It’s not badly written, but it’s not relevant to the book either.
  3. About 2000 words of what I did write consisted of a folk tale about an evil brooch, the justification being that one of my characters reads said story at a difficult time in his life and goes a bit wrong.
  4. I wish I was making that up, but I am completely not.
  5. See:

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Going For A Walk (March Pictonaut Challenge)

Going for a walkIt’s Thursday, it’s 7.30pm, it’s Top of the Pops Pictonaut Challenge!

This month, The Rogue Verbumancer (or Glempy, if you prefer) challenges the internet to write a thousand words on the topic of going for a walk over a bridge.  Or y’know, anything else that springs to mind on seeing this picture…  But as you will discover, my brain opted for a fairly literal interpretation.


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Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas never run out
© Adi Respati

As a fiction writer I tend to feel like this is a stupid question, whilst as a journalist it feels amateurish and slightly redundant to ask it.  Read their work and it’ll often become pretty apparent – Irvine Welsh didn’t come up with Trainspotting because he spent a lot of time hanging around Disneyland, for example.

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Novel In A Weekend

iWrite (© jeffrey james pacres
© jeffrey james pacres

Not the weekend just past, or the weekend before that, but the weekend before that, I wrote another novel.

Well, that’s not strictly true – it was more of a novella, whose final word count was just over 24k.  But that’s not bad going for less than 30 hours of work.

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Libraries I Have Known

Today is National Libraries Day 2013, which naturally got me to thinking of libraries I have loved and lost.  It won’t come as any surprise, I suppose, that I wouldn’t be the person I am if it were not for libraries.


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What Inspires You?

Inspirational Image
Inspirational Image

A couple of days ago I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award by the Book Polygamist, which was lovely – if a little unexpected, given the deterioration of the blog over the past couple of months. 

I will do the requisite post with 7 facts and blogs that inspire me this week, but today I thought I would say something inspiring to help you all through this miserable Monday (seriously, it’s horrible today, like living inside a bad cloud). 

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It’s OK To Not Win Sometimes

IMG_9565About two years ago today, in the golden aftermath of NaNoWriMo, I decided to write a book every month for a year.

About one year ago today, I had completed NaNoWriMo – with a manuscript I have yet to re-visit – and was spending December writing and drawing a graphic novel.

Today, I can confirm that this year I did not complete NaNoWriMo.  Continue reading “It’s OK To Not Win Sometimes”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This week’s photo prompt was ‘thankful‘, to coincide with Thanksgiving in the USA.  I am thankful for a lot of stuff, but I didn’t want to post pictures of all the friends, family and peanut based confectionery that give my life meaning without getting their permission; so I’ve gone with words and caffeine – two of the things that shape my daily life and make this blog what it is.

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