If you are a Facebook user (and I do appreciate it is not everyone’s cup of tea), this post may be of interest to you.

I recently found out via the always helpful Nicola Morgan’s author page that the site now requires page admins to pay them cash dollars to promote status updates to folk who already ‘Like’ something.  Essentially, if I don’t give them my money (which I haven’t, because come on) 10% or fewer ‘likers’ will receive 12 Books page updates in their news feeds.

What this means is that you are missing out on some super hilarious memes I’ve been scheduling, like this:

And you’ll also be missing out on the automatic updates when I post something on here – unless you’ve signed up to get updates by email (in which case thanks for doing that!).

If you only ‘liked’ the page in the first place as a favour to me and have no real interest in updates, please just carry on as normal.  However, if you liked it because you actually wanted to see posts from me in your feed, what you need to do is go on the page, hover your mouse on the ‘Like/Liked’ button below the main cover picture and select ‘add to interest lists’ in the drop down menu as per this helpful diagram:


You should do this with other pages you like and want to keep up to date with too.  I’m not trying to influence you in any way, but those pages might include this one for the new interactive Choose Your Own Adventure tale The Life and Times of a Working Barbarian (for which I will be writing the next gripping installment once voting closes), or this one for Homespun Theatre Company (where I mainly schedule pictures of adorable polar bears).