September is here, the nights are drawing in, and it’s time to look back on what I did with my life in August…

Reading Life

I finished reading 5 books in August, bringing the yearly total up to 47 (although because 8 of them were re-reads I haven’t counted them towards my Goodreads challenge of reading 60 this year, just in case you follow me there and have noticed a discrepancy).

2 were collections of fairytales largely retold by caucasian authors but with a gender bias leaning towards female authors, 1 was a collection of short stories, essays and poems by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers from the UK (most of them female), 1 was a children’s novel and the other a grown up novel, both by caucasian male writers.

Writing Life

Yeah, again I didn’t publish any blog posts, finish any new stories or submit anything in August – but the notes feature in my phone does have a few new additions which will hopefully make their way out into the world over the next couple of months. I’m still swithering over what to do about a new laptop too.

Writer Life

At the start of the month I was on holiday in the North of Scotland, as mentioned in my July Reads. On my glorious return I attended a birthday party, did some painting, made some salads, failed to make it to the book festival for the first time in 7 years, and attended one solitary show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Lovesong to Lavender Menace is a play about Scotland’s first LGBT bookshop, it’s brilliant and you should keep an eye out for it.

In August I also started listening to the Teenage Scream podcast by Kirsty Logan and Heather Parry, which re-reads and dissects Point Horror novels with a view to crowning the pointiest horror of them all. If you read those books as a tween (or even if you didn’t), I’d heartily recommend you give this one a listen.

I did not swim a single length in August, and I waddled a mere 110.9 miles, or around 253,767 steps. That’s 15.6 fewer miles than in July, and in July I walked less than I had in June. Basically I am spiralling into indolence, as this averages out at 3.6 miles or 8,186 steps a day which is quite below the government RDA. Fortunately for me I don’t think they’re keeping tabs.

Books I listened to on Audible

  • His Bloody Project – Graeme Macrae Burnet

Books I read with my eyes

  • Time Travelling with a Hamster – Ross Welford
  • Celtic Tales: Fairy Tales and Stories of Enchantment from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales – Kate Forrester
  • The Good Journal, Volume 1 – edited by Nikesh Shukla
  • Greatest Magical Stories – chosen by Michael Morpurgo