Q. How is the editing of the 12 books thing going?

A. … Slowly.

The pace would best be described as glacial, in fact.  This is mainly because I’ve got lots of other commitments (or because I’ve lost all sense of discipline, but I prefer to think it’s the former).

As a for instance, it is currently 9.50pm on Tuesday night (although I’ll schedule this post for Wednesday, just to confuse you).  Today (yesterday) I was at work from 9 – 5.

During my lunch break I edited and published 5 articles on The Edinburgh Reporter because the editor is on holiday.

When I got home, I spent about an hour brainstorming ideas for promotional images for East of the Sun, West of the Moon because we are not going to be able to take production shots in Bristol this week due to unforeseen circumstances.

Having done this I caught up on a couple of emails, ate my tea, and made a small animation/vlog thingy for the Homespun blog.

I then sat and used Hootsuite to schedule tweets for the @HomespunUK twitter and the @12books12months twitter.

When I’ve written this post I will shower, then retire to try and read some of A Storm of Swords (which I’ve been trying to do for about five weeks now).

In my spare mental moments, I am thinking about a new children’s book idea that came upon me in Zagreb.  I have started writing it twice so far, but I’m pretty sure Thursday will be the charm now I’m no longer going to be in a van driving across the UK that day…

I think part of the problem is that the joy of creating new things tends to be more attractive than editing.  My approach to editing is that it deserves time and attention – when I sit down to do it I want to get on for a few hours and not be disturbed.  I actually really enjoy it when I do it, but my brain sees it a srs business.

Most of these other activities I mentioned are less srs.  In fact they are quite bitty – take a few photos, schedule a couple of tweets – so I’ll do them almost without thinking, because my subconscious reckons they won’t take that long. They do, of course.  And then the editing doesn’t happen.  The whole second stage of 12 books, in fact, does not happen – rendering the title of this blog obsolete and casting me into doubt and self-loathing.

Except not really.

Q. How is the editing of the 12 books thing going?

A. Exactly as quickly as it needs to.