I received the following helpful comment on the Blogs You Should Read post and thought I might highlight it so others would feel the benefit.  I’ve written about spam on a few occasions (here, for instance), but this one is just perplexing.  Also I’ve had a busy weekend so don’t have anything meatier to talk about today.

When you may also time, not always easy to go for anyone vaguely interested in the body, cheese and your fat filled with diet.

How poetic.  I’ll try to watch that – I am aware that cheese is my enemy.  My delicious enemy.

Up and protease, and take the desired body too. Exercises because our lives.

As a writer, I like learning new words. Apparently protease is “any of a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolytic degradation of proteins or polypeptides to smaller amino acid polymers.”  Phwoar, that’s a great one.  I’ll be using it thrice daily from now on.  And, because I looked it up, the targeted advertising on Facebook will presumably start suggesting I purchase supplements to help the process along.  Back of the net.

Calorie burn and e rich foods, sardines and parkinson’s and exercise your appetite while implementing low calorie equation is better cardiovascular exercises are familiar with fruits.

I guess sardines cure Parkinson’s disease?  I dunno, it’s hard to understand all this science talk…  I didn’t know fruit had a cardiovascular system either.  Always learning.

Recommended taking advantage of discomfort.

Yeah totally, and using it to write something dark and honest and real?

Your weight thanks to lose fat cells tend to isolate or contribute to weight occasionally requires calories that not enjoying the best and certified personal risk.

Or yeah, I could write about weight and how too much is bad, I guess.

Foods, with the best underactive thyroid glands than what needs and it is no medications for example, where really.  

This message was brought to you by Babelfish.  Although I’m pretty sure it didn’t make sense in the original language either.

Reaction that dress without labels should understand that people try to cope better.

… Dresses become empathetic when you cut the labels out?  Sentient clothes that react in a kindly fashion to one’s ballooning weight would probably help people cope better.  Probably.

Note down fats. You look at your brain and many antioxidants that lasts between meals repeatedly.

Sounds like a fascinating read. Although I’m struggling to think of a narrative to hang it on.

Of repetitions and steady, we want your ultimate weight at a fit into esophagus.

You want me to fit in an esophagus?  Being overweight is not the reason I can’t do that, there’s also the consideration that I’m 5’7″ – that’s considerably taller than the average esophagus.  You’d have to be a Borrower to pull this off, and even then you’d probably choke the owner of the esophagus you’ve managed to get down.

One morning, the good luck and help in our number of forty, is very important role to lose weight loss is considered to maintaining

And here endeth the comment.  That’s some cliffhanger, isn’t it.

I’m pretty sure that person didn’t read the post they were commenting on, or possibly anything else ever.  It makes me wonder too, does this barrage of spam ever actually work out financially for the perpetrators (there was a URL in there which I assume linked to some sort of product)?  I realise it’s not a guy sitting there sifting through likely looking blogs and typing this crap out manually, but I don’t really see the value in setting up a piece of software to do it for you if the end result is your link being consigned to a spam filter.  A lot of people don’t even check through before deleting them all – I am what is known as a bit of a sad case for bothering to read them.

Anyway, if you’re leaving comments on people’s blogs, my advice is to maybe try something a little less perplexing.  Good luck.