One of the main characters in East of the Sun and West of the Moon (a fairytale which is my chosen theme for this month’s 28 Drawings Later challenge, new people) is The White Bear.  So I thought I would draw him.  In doing this I came across lots of adorable pictures of baby polar bears and nearly died of a cuteness overload.  And then my friend posted a picture of her newborn baby on facebook and I literally did die of a cuteness overload.  If you take the word ‘literally’ to mean ‘not literally’, which I understand is the way the kidz use it these days.  Curse you, society. I’m now feeling quite broody, and plan to go out and obtain myself a baby human and a baby polar bear, not necessarily in that order.  Still, I figure they’ll look out for one another rather than fighting if we introduce them to each other early enough.

Anyway, here’s my drawing of a bear.

Day 10 - The White Bear