September zipped by pretty quick, didn’t it?  That must mean my ninth book is finished.

Well, finished is a strong word to use.  I’ve certainly stopped writing it for the time being.  I ended up with a word count of 21, 203 which is OK I guess, although a lot of the content was pretty un-good.  I’m not saying that to be modest, by the way, I am saying it because it’s true – there’s some real nonsense in there.  It didn’t help that I only really came up with a story that might work last Wednesday, with two days to go.  Perhaps there is something to be said for forward planning after all…

Anyway, let us draw a gauzy curtain over that because now it is October which can only mean one thing – horror.  How could I choose any other genre for the month of Samhuinn?

Last night my BFF came round bearing DVDs of The Thing and Fright Night, which seemed as good a preparation as any (although she didn’t bring them because of this, it was more that they are two of her favourite films and I’ve not seen them).  I can now officially conclude they are both excellent pieces of cinema and the upcoming prequel/remakes are blatantly redundant.

They also got me thinking a bit about what on earth I’m going to do this month, because as yet I am sans plot, characters, setting, etc.  My first inclination would be to try and do something scary but humorous, more Fright Night than Thing.  But that would still require an idea that could run and run, which I don’t have.  I have lots of little ideas that could perhaps be built into one narrative but to be honest my brain is a bit of a wreck and I’m not sure where to start.

Fortunately an epiphany reached me in the shower, in the bubbly embrace of Imperial Leather’s Softly Softly shower cream.  I don’t have to force myself to come up with one narrative at all.  In the great tradition of horror writers like H.P.Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, this month I am going to do a book of short stories.  I will aim to do one every day of around 1500 words, and maybe out of 31 I’ll end up with some stories that can be knitted together into a novel when I come back to them later.  If I don’t, who cares?  Short stories are cool.

With that in mind, I have a few ideas for pieces to write over the next few days, but it would be awesome to get the rest of the world involved to.  So here’s my suggestion – you leave me a comment below telling me your greatest fear, or a minor fear if you prefer, and I will write a story about it.

I hereby solemnly swear I will write a story for every commenter, and I will post it when it’s done for all to see. 

Right now though I must leave – I’ve got a story involving Japanese spider crabs to do.  Dear god they’re creepy looking.