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Ten Halloween Tunes

When I asked the internet for suggestions of good songs to listen to when penning horror stories, I was vaguely thinking in terms of stuff that is creepy, atmospheric or at least lyrically dark. The responses I got, however, were altogether more diverse.

Below, in no particular order, is a selection of my top ten. Naturally these will be on repeat for inspiration for the rest of the month and none were chosen just because they’re quite fun.* There are a few bands that aren’t in there who maybe should be (Ladytron, Sisters of Mercy, The Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, Alice Cooper…) but frankly we haven’t got all day, and this post will take long enough to load as it it.


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I’ll Write You A Story

September zipped by pretty quick, didn’t it?  That must mean my ninth book is finished.

Well, finished is a strong word to use.  I’ve certainly stopped writing it for the time being.  I ended up with a word count of 21, 203 which is OK I guess, although a lot of the content was pretty un-good.  I’m not saying that to be modest, by the way, I am saying it because it’s true – there’s some real nonsense in there.  It didn’t help that I only really came up with a story that might work last Wednesday, with two days to go.  Perhaps there is something to be said for forward planning after all…

Anyway, let us draw a gauzy curtain over that because now it is October which can only mean one thing – horror.  How could I choose any other genre for the month of Samhuinn?

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