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Fear Is How I Fall

October means it’s basically Halloween, so I wanted to talk about irrational fears.

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Happy Halloween!

I don’t have a story to give you, so have a photo I took of the full moon this week.

Happy Hallowe’en!

I’ve been pretty busy today, to the extent I haven’t scheduled any blog posts for this week.  However, I did go up to the Samhuinn procession in Edinburgh. Got there nice and early, found a great vantage point for photo taking… then at 9pm when the drums started up, the heavens opened.

I remained stoic and tried to get a few shots, but alas I had no umbrella, and the memory of totally destroying a camera on Skye a few years ago (after walking into what was essentially a wall of water) got the better of me and I soon abandoned this notion.  This is what I get for not checking the weather forecast. Anyhoo, I got a grand total of one sort of cool picture (if you like swooshy lighting effects) which I present for you now.  Happy Hallowe’en!


There is a bit of an explanation of this story at the bottom – I don’t want to give it away before you read it.

I spend a lot of my days waiting and watching for the perfect subject.

The squeamish ones are best; the ones who are coming to me for their first time.  They keep their eyes closed for most of it, which means I can do whatever I want with them. 

By the time they realise, it’s too late. 

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I’ll Write You A Story

September zipped by pretty quick, didn’t it?  That must mean my ninth book is finished.

Well, finished is a strong word to use.  I’ve certainly stopped writing it for the time being.  I ended up with a word count of 21, 203 which is OK I guess, although a lot of the content was pretty un-good.  I’m not saying that to be modest, by the way, I am saying it because it’s true – there’s some real nonsense in there.  It didn’t help that I only really came up with a story that might work last Wednesday, with two days to go.  Perhaps there is something to be said for forward planning after all…

Anyway, let us draw a gauzy curtain over that because now it is October which can only mean one thing – horror.  How could I choose any other genre for the month of Samhuinn?

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