Today I had my first negative experience of the 12 books in 12 months project, when someone on Twitter took exception to my suggestion that people ‘like’ the Facebook Group.  “Sincerely, fuck you,” quoth he.  “Not everyone is a drooling facebook cretin.”

Constructive criticism, how I have longed for thee.

I appreciate Facebook is annoying in a lot of ways.  But in terms of publicizing a project which will probably die on its arse if I can’t get people to interact, it’s potentially very useful.  It’s also a good forum for posting links for those people who don’t use Twitter – including the majority of my friends. So frankly, this chap can piss away aff.

I’ve read a few comments of late about the fact people think it’s OK to be needlessly rude on the internet in a way that you wouldn’t be in real life, and I suppose this is another example.  I won’t be losing sleep over it, but naturally it’s irritating.  And I am supposed to be recording everything for the posterity of book 13, so there it is.

In news more in-keeping with the predominantly positive tone of the project, Rebecca Jamieson of Informed Edinburgh interviewed me last week and her article is now live here, complete with somewhat poser-y photo.  Meanwhile, in Italy, police found Caligula’s tomb when some guys tried to nick a statue from it.  This is surely the butterfly effect, sparked off by my research for book one.  Or not.