For those interested in the more practical aspects of this project, such as when you will get to read a finished version of one of these books, I say this:

Because book 13 is going to be partly about the adventures of trying to get published, I suspect I shouldn’t put full manuscripts online until they have been definitively ignored/rejected by… oh, I don’t know, 30 publishers?   After all, who is going to publish something you can already download as a free PDF?  We’ve all seen enough of The Apprentice / Dragon’s Den to know this does not make good business sense.

Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to go back over them all, so that what is eventually available in its entirety for you to read online is something faintly more polished than a first draft.  But, the editing process can be a long and harrowing one.  Who knows what my tired brain will make of Caligula’s blog when I go back over it after writing eleven books in totally different fields?   So at the moment, I can’t really get a handle on how long that’s going to take.

For debut author Julia Crouch, who, like me, found her inspiration in NaNoWriMo, there was a gap of over two years between bashing out that first draft (which she did in November 2008) and getting it published (which will happen in March this year).  You can read an interview with her on the subject here.

What I’m saying is, I don’t yet have a definitive date for you to be able to read any of the 12 books.  Although I may yet decide to email people first drafts as part of some sort of competition scenario, or reward for getting involved.