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Pulling Out One’s Finger


Strange wicker owl thingy says SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.

Not you personally, me. I’ve been in limbo since the end of August – I didn’t have a break after the fringe madness, just went straight back to full time temping, waiting for a reprieve that I recently discovered isn’t going to come.

So I spoke to the wicker owl thingy and it told me to stop whinging and get on with it. Some people, it pointed out, in a voice suspiciously like my sister’s, have no legs – and they get on with things just fine. It is time to sort out the flat (which is a tip), schedule some blog posts, get some scran* in and finish editing some of these freakin’ books. What’s more, it’s time to do it all flexibly, around the edges of life and without a set routine, because the perfect part time job is clearly not forthcoming and I’m likely going to temp till I die, sometimes full time and sometimes not. I must therefore be flexible, like some sort of female google CEO. I’ve started by writing this post on my phone moments before leaving the house.

Happy Monday to you all. I am off to work.

*scran means food, non-Scottish readers

That’s Not Writing, That’s Typing

Well, I’m impossibly busy writing book six (by which I mean avoiding writing it), so I simply don’t have the time to read everything on the internet.  Last night I watched Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men instead of typing stuff up.  It’s OK though, cause they were in Edinburgh, so it was, like, research, cause this book is Scottish.  Plus Irvine Welsh was a talking head, and he’s a Scottish writer.

Anyway, that all smacks of excuse making, so here are some links to look at whilst I catch up with the last 40000 odd words.

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