Strange wicker owl thingy says SORT YOUR LIFE OUT.

Not you personally, me. I’ve been in limbo since the end of August – I didn’t have a break after the fringe madness, just went straight back to full time temping, waiting for a reprieve that I recently discovered isn’t going to come.

So I spoke to the wicker owl thingy and it told me to stop whinging and get on with it. Some people, it pointed out, in a voice suspiciously like my sister’s, have no legs – and they get on with things just fine. It is time to sort out the flat (which is a tip), schedule some blog posts, get some scran* in and finish editing some of these freakin’ books. What’s more, it’s time to do it all flexibly, around the edges of life and without a set routine, because the perfect part time job is clearly not forthcoming and I’m likely going to temp till I die, sometimes full time and sometimes not. I must therefore be flexible, like some sort of female google CEO. I’ve started by writing this post on my phone moments before leaving the house.

Happy Monday to you all. I am off to work.

*scran means food, non-Scottish readers