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Sand Sea – July’s Pictonaut Challenge

It’s been a while (last time I entered being March), but this month’s Pictonaut prompt inspired a story.  Why not read it over breakfast, and think about it whilst you enjoy the weekend…

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Plodding On: January Pictonaut Challenge

Plodding On
Plodding On

Having not entered the Pictonaut Challenge (to write a 1000 word short story based on a picture found at The Rogue Verbumancer’s blog) for a couple of months, I thought I would get in a bit early with January’s one.  Initially the picture didn’t fill me with ideas.  ‘Cowboys,’ I thought, ‘and horse bums.  Oh.’  Then I thought, what about the person seeing the picture – the one watching them plod away.  Who is she?  There was never any question in my mind over the fact it was a she.

So I wrote about her, and why the others were leaving, and thought my tale quite OK (although over the word limit a bit).  Then, reading it back this week, it occurred to me it owes a lot to The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, which I read towards the end of last year.  That is a lovely book, which I would certainly recommend – particularly if you like my story and want to read something in the same setting and better written…

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The Journey – September’s Pictonaut Challenge

And lo, it is the end of September, and time for another Pictonaut Challenge.  This is a very early draft (as in I started it at 18:54 and finished it about 10 minutes ago) and lacks my usual levels of whimsy.  And that is all I can think to say about that.

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A Man Drinks Tea – August’s Pictonaut Challenge

Happy first birthday to the Rogue Verbumancer’s Pictonaut Challenge!  Over this year I haven’t always posted mine by the end of the month (or at all, last month), but it ain’t midnight till the fat lady sings so WHOOMP, here it is.  (NB Since knocking this out on Write or Die about an hour ago, I have read that the picture was intended to inspire something beautiful and literary.  Sorry, Glempy… My bad.)

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A Place In The Country (Pictonaut Challenge)

As you can from the accompanying illustration, the town of Bishop’s Wallop was a little bit unusual.

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Why I Write

Day 003 - Shame
J'accuse! © Marc-Andre Lariviere

A shocking guest post from The Rogue Verbumancer, who some of you may know as @Glempy from the twitter.

I shall endeavour to make a point.

I shall invariably fail.

Are we all sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Before I go any further I’ve a confession to make: I am a horrible, horrible fraud. I offered to do a guest post here at 12 books and was ready to dive headlong into all manner of topics. But alas, I cannot. The guilt is just too much. You see, I’m not actually a writer.

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