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Got An Agent Yet?

As regular readers are hopefully aware, I am trying to write a book every month with a vague future aim of publication and possible literary stardom.

One question I am asked on an occasional basis (by two people, but they have asked multiple times so I deem it pertinent) is “HAVE YOU GOT AN AGENT YET?”

The answer to this is no, and I can tell you for why.

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I didn’t used to have a blogroll.  This wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened.  Or didn’t.  Anyway, I’ve made one now, and you can locate it on the right hand side of the page.  It’s not in any particular order, and I’ll probably add to it over time, so suggestions are welcome.

Currently it includes:

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Some good links I have come across in my time that might be of interest to other writers / bloggers.  To be honest I think reading this could be construed as research rather than the procrastination suggested by the title…

How to Write Badly Well – this is genius. I’m not going to describe it, just click the link. Then bookmark it.

Help, I Need A Publisher! – Nicola Morgan’s excellent blog on writing and getting published.  Full of practical advice given in an amusing way.

Who Ate My Brain? – children’s author Nick Cross gives more advice on writing, specifically for children.

Reader, I Created Him – a blog about the adventures of Katrina, an American in Britain writing about her attempts to write a romantic novel.  Discovered when conducting research for book four, perhaps unsurprisingly…

This Will Not Enrich Your Life – a very funny blog by an English student at St Andrews – it made me laugh out loud.


Procrastination In Disguise

I read an interesting post on Nicola Morgan‘s blog today in which she was talking about research, and the fact that doing too much can hinder the writing process because you get bogged down in details that you could add later.  It’s essentially a slightly different take on my own advice to myself (as seen in the ‘about’ and ‘FAQs’ on this very page), and it’s reassuring that a proper published author feels the same way.

This is especially relevant to book one because obviously I can’t write from Caligula’s point of view without knowing anything about him, but I’ve got so much material to read/watch that if I go through all of it first, I’ll get to the end of January without having written a word.  Essentially, because I don’t know very much about him, or Ancient Rome, I need to be conducting light research as I go, but only enough to get things in the right order and the right sort of shape.  Then I can change stuff and add detail at a later date.  2012, maybe.

So there we have it.  Research is nothing more than an insidious method of procrastination, making you think you are doing srs work when actually you’re putting off the task at hand – namely, writing.  I need to nip it in the bud, before I get to the point of having 3 days left to write 49,000 odd words.

I’ll get on to it right after I’ve watched all 12 episodes of I, Claudius and read all 5 volumes of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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