Some good links I have come across in my time that might be of interest to other writers / bloggers.  To be honest I think reading this could be construed as research rather than the procrastination suggested by the title…

How to Write Badly Well – this is genius. I’m not going to describe it, just click the link. Then bookmark it.

Help, I Need A Publisher! – Nicola Morgan’s excellent blog on writing and getting published.  Full of practical advice given in an amusing way.

Who Ate My Brain? – children’s author Nick Cross gives more advice on writing, specifically for children.

Reader, I Created Him – a blog about the adventures of Katrina, an American in Britain writing about her attempts to write a romantic novel.  Discovered when conducting research for book four, perhaps unsurprisingly…

This Will Not Enrich Your Life – a very funny blog by an English student at St Andrews – it made me laugh out loud.