I didn’t used to have a blogroll.  This wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened.  Or didn’t.  Anyway, I’ve made one now, and you can locate it on the right hand side of the page.  It’s not in any particular order, and I’ll probably add to it over time, so suggestions are welcome.

Currently it includes:

Arielle Bosworth – falconer, writer, born-again Fifer.

Andrew Blair – a link to his blog about Doctor Who.  He knows everything about Jon Pertwee.  EVERYTHING.

Emily Dodd / Banana Me Beautiful – poet, writer, multimedia journalist, environmental volunteer … she does everything, and blogs about some of it here, including the launch of her first book Banana Me Beautiful.

Bethany Anderson – aka Subtle Melodrama.  She blogs about books, and writes them too.  If you want to now about Thomas Hardy she can probably help.

Billygean – a blog about living with CFS, and life in general.  Very beautifully written and funny. 

Elaine Brown – a blog about a working girl trying to find space for the creative things in life.

Ian Collings – author, student, man.  He blogs his writing, and about writing.  I like to read it.  Maybe you will too.

The Rogue Verbumancer – also known as Glempy, this blog is eloquent and sometimes very silly.  The author does self deprecation like nobody’s business, but don’t be fooled – he’s very good.

Luiza Sauma – writer and editor.  She blogs about writing in general, and occasional short fiction penned by her good self. I liked A Trace of April, myself.

Nell Frizzell – she blogs about popular culture, and is very funny.

The Clear Minded Creative – self explanatory title, I feel.  Edinburgh creative sort Milo McLaughlin blogs with a view to helping other creative sorts find focus.  Lots of good interviews and links and things.

Chuck Wendig – irreverent kick up the arse of writers and publishers, with other stuff thrown in.  Not for the easily offended.

Nicola Morgan – blog about getting published.  Full of really interesting, useful advice written in a very dry and entertaining manner.