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The Author’s Triumphal Return is Nigh

Right now I am probably trying to roll up a tent and put it away in a field full of mud.  I hope your Monday morning is full of similar delights.  Particularly if you work in an office.

To get you through the day, I suggest you have a look at the following.

Hecklerspray (the UK’s foremost sarky gossip website)

Chapter One – a five minute reading from Book 5 (that was the fantasy one about the wizard sheep)

Happy Saturday

Morning all.  You’re looking nice today.  Have you done something different with your hair?  I imagine by this stage mine wants to get up and crawl off my head.  I don’t normally go this long without a shower, but when camping there’s not a lot else for it.  Still, The National were good weren’t they?  Probably.

Anyway, it’s Saturday, and you’re probably hanging around in your pyjamas thinking about making eggy bread but not quite getting round to it.  Why not relax further with a bit of:

Hyperbole and a Half (brilliant cartoons drawn apparently in MS Paint by Allie Brosh, who is some kind of comedy genius)

– A foray into research on the Romance genre.  Includes hilarious quotes.  Well, I thought they were hilarious… April’s Genre

Mad Props To Other Bloggers

Tis the second day of my brief Suffolk sojourn and I hope you are bearing up OK.  Today’s reading material for all y’all is as follows:

– Joel Stickley’s How to Write Badly Well – very short snippets that do pretty much what it says on the tin.  He’s in the literary tent at Latitude too, doncha know.  (I’m probably there too, with any luck..)

– A post bemoaning the volume of admin around promoting a project such as this, complete with list of people you should high five when next you see them; The Social Network

I hope these fill the gaping void left by my absense.  If not, perhaps consider buying a pet.

The Author Goes On Holiday

This is just a note to say I am going to be at Latitude Festival for a few days, so if anyone has any desperate need to read about the pros and cons of writing 12 books in 12 months you’ll have to content yourself with re-reading the blog from scratch.

I’m quite excited about taking a break and recharging my batteries, even if the forecast does seem to be monsoons as far as the eye can see.  And at least if I come back with trench foot it might make for some good storytelling.  Frinstance in October I could write about infected limbs becoming sentient.

Or not.

Anyway I wouldn’t want to leave you completely in the lurch, so I am scheduling daily posts linking you to one site I like and one random 12 books blog entry I thought was fun.  I hope that is acceptable.  If not I will deal with your ire on Tuesday.

Today’s links are:

– Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds blog, which is very funny.

– An excerpt from the very first book.. ‘Caligula in Love’

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