This is just a note to say I am going to be at Latitude Festival for a few days, so if anyone has any desperate need to read about the pros and cons of writing 12 books in 12 months you’ll have to content yourself with re-reading the blog from scratch.

I’m quite excited about taking a break and recharging my batteries, even if the forecast does seem to be monsoons as far as the eye can see.  And at least if I come back with trench foot it might make for some good storytelling.  Frinstance in October I could write about infected limbs becoming sentient.

Or not.

Anyway I wouldn’t want to leave you completely in the lurch, so I am scheduling daily posts linking you to one site I like and one random 12 books blog entry I thought was fun.  I hope that is acceptable.  If not I will deal with your ire on Tuesday.

Today’s links are:

– Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds blog, which is very funny.

– An excerpt from the very first book.. ‘Caligula in Love’