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What I’ve Been Reading – October 2019

October is of course the spookiest of months, when you’re supposed to commune with ravens and read naught but Edgar Allan Poe. I didn’t do either of those things but I did decorate some clementines to look like little pumpkins using a sharpie in case guisers came knocking. They didn’t.
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Recommended Reading

cat-readsI thought I’d post some links to articles I’ve been reading recently that might be of interest.  And look at this cool picture I found for you to illustrate the point, you lucky people!  Please note: this has nothing to do with the fact I am too braindead to come up with a proper blog post of my own, and everything to do with the fact there’s a lot of interesting stuff kicking about on That Internet right now.  You’re welcome.

Five Things For Readers

Five Things For Writers

Extra bonus thing

Look, a creature reading! And it’s all furry and cute, even if it is some kind of rodent. I found it on Pinterest, but the source seems to have been a google search – if you are this animal, let me know and I will give you a photo credit.


Interview: Gemma Correll

For this week’s guest post/interview, I spoke to Norwich-based illustrator and animal lover Gemma Correll about commissions, artist’s block, and being famous on the internet…

I'm cool.
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Not What He Seems

Page two of my revenge story.  Took roughly as long to do as the combined running time of Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Still Game, an Outnumbered Christmas Special from two years ago and a repeat of Friday’s Graham Norton Show.  Is that relevant information?  Probably not.  Mine is not the face of concern, however.  It’s 12.41 last night* and I should go to bed.  Enjoy.
*This is me trying to schedule posts in advance for the week.  Not a particularly auspicious start…

Nice Weather For Ducks

I haven’t drawn for a few days because life has gotten in the way.  Things like catching up with friends and family, Chrismas shopping, and a whole lot of cleaning.  On which subject, here is my list of fun things I found in or under the couch today:

  • a pencil sharpener
  • a door wedge
  • a measuring tape
  • a handkerchief
  • a sock
  • a copy of The Skinny from August
  • a ticket from First Minister’s Questions
  • 6 pence
  • two party hats
  • a button badge bearing the slogan ‘ordinary man in the street’.

Hopefully you can tell from that it was less deliberate procrastination and more in desperate need of being done…

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Hayfever Sets In

Afternoon all, I trust you are well.

If not, maybe these links will cheer you up.  And don’t worry, I’ll be home soon, and all this scheduled post madness will be naught but a distant memory.

Hark, A Vagrant (comic by Kate Beaton)

To Plan or Not to Plan – a reader writes in to ask me whether I do this off the cuff.  I reply.

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