I haven’t drawn for a few days because life has gotten in the way.  Things like catching up with friends and family, Chrismas shopping, and a whole lot of cleaning.  On which subject, here is my list of fun things I found in or under the couch today:

  • a pencil sharpener
  • a door wedge
  • a measuring tape
  • a handkerchief
  • a sock
  • a copy of The Skinny from August
  • a ticket from First Minister’s Questions
  • 6 pence
  • two party hats
  • a button badge bearing the slogan ‘ordinary man in the street’.

Hopefully you can tell from that it was less deliberate procrastination and more in desperate need of being done…

The other thing about graphic novelling is that whilst it’s quite easy to write in spare moments such as bus journeys and in lunch breaks, it’s a bit harder to draw.  I mean, I can take a sketch book around and do quick things to scan into the computer; but I tend to make comics by drawing straight into PhotoShop using a graphics tablet, so that’s my comfort zone.  Unfortunately my tablet is a bit impractical to carry about and far to unwieldy to use on public transport!

However, last week I took some photos of some birds, so here’s a quick photo story about Julie, who the other ducks don’t really understand.  It is not my best work.  I am planning to draw the rest of the noir Naph tribute when I get in tonight/tomorrow and I’ll aim to post a page a day, then make it available as a downloadable PDF at the end of the week.  Meanwhile my guest post this week will be an interview with illustrator Gemma Correll, whose drawings of pugs you might have seen around the internet.  That will be up on Wednesday.