WANTED: Eccentric Millionaire Patron


The role of the Eccentric Millionaire Patron is to provide me with enough money to pay for rent, bills and food whilst I write daft stories full time.  The job is comparatively hands off and could be done in conjunction with other work if that is the way the EMP rolls.  If not, it would probably suit minor royalty or an aristocrat.

The EMP needs to trust in my ability to produce work when given the opportunity to get on with it uninterrupted, without constantly nipping at me to ask whether I am finished or how it’s going.  Having said that, throwing in the odd arbitrary deadline certainly wouldn’t hurt as I enjoy being challenged.  Not 12 books in 12 months though, that’s already been done.

The job will generally require 2-3 hours input a week.  However, it would be advantageous if the candidate had lots of contacts in the publishing industry to support my efforts at networking, so some evening work may be required when literary events appear.

The Organisation

Ali was established in 1985, and set up the 12 Books in 12 Months project in 2011. Her purpose is to supply high quality stories for or about children and arts journalism, as well as multimedia content for hyperlocal news websites. She is currently completing a major transformational change programme focused on persuading someone to help her write full time, thus maximising her impact through the delivery of more efficient and effective manuscripts and copy.



  • More money than sense
  • Contacts in publishing
  • Love of reading (esp. children’s fiction)
  • GSOH


  • Enough imagination to set me the odd writing challenge
  • Proficient in Excel and Outlook*
  • An impressive hat

*you don’t need to be proficient in Microsoft at all, but it is in all job descriptions written in the last 15 years so far be it from me to leave it out.