Homespun Threads 4Do you like fairytales?  Do you like supporting children’s theatre?  Then have I got the eBook for you!

Posts on here have been sporadic of late because I’ve been putting together Homespun Threads, a book of 35 fairy stories featuring dragons, princesses, selkies, kelpies, manticores, sheep and all manner of other magical beasties.  Some are retellings of traditional tales like The Red Shoes and The Princess and the Pea, whilst others are brand new stories.  There are submissions by authors who have published their own books, and others from writers who are just starting out.  Reading all those stories was a joy, and I am really proud of the finished result (which taught me all kinds of stuff about reflowable text and the inner workings of Microsoft Word).

The book is available from Smashwords and Amazon too.  It is priced $9.99 in US dollars, which is about £6.17 in British pounds.  That is about 18p per story, which seems like a bargain to me – and the money will go towards helping Homespun Theatre company redevelop and tour their children’s show East of the Sun, West of the Moon in 2013.

I know £6.24 feels like a lot for an eBook, but I really do think this one is worth it.  There’s a really eclectic mixture of stuff in there – something for everyone, as the saying goes – and so much work has gone into putting it together.  And it’s for a good cause – East of the Sun got some great reviews at the Fringe this year, and the Homespun MO is to make good theatre accessible to all children, which is such a positive thing.  But theatre is an expensive business and competition for funding is so fierce they really need any help they can get.

So, what I’m saying is, download Homespun Threads (A Patchwork of Fairytales) from Smashwords today or, if you would prefer, get it from Amazon. There are formats that work on just about any electronic device you care to mention, and stories from a wide selection of Bright Young Things who will be gracing the bestseller lists of the future.  You’d be silly not to.