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Recommended Reading

cat-readsI thought I’d post some links to articles I’ve been reading recently that might be of interest.  And look at this cool picture I found for you to illustrate the point, you lucky people!  Please note: this has nothing to do with the fact I am too braindead to come up with a proper blog post of my own, and everything to do with the fact there’s a lot of interesting stuff kicking about on That Internet right now.  You’re welcome.

Five Things For Readers

Five Things For Writers

Extra bonus thing

Look, a creature reading! And it’s all furry and cute, even if it is some kind of rodent. I found it on Pinterest, but the source seems to have been a google search – if you are this animal, let me know and I will give you a photo credit.


Reading List

I was going to write you a blog post but unfortunately I didn’t have time, so instead here’s a list of five things I have read this week that I found funny, interesting and/or helpful.  Enjoy!

  1. 10 Reasons not to be a writer by Matt Haig
  2. Part Five of The Working Barbarian, The Riddle of the Runes, by Sam Kurd
  3. Design student Philipp Meyer develops comic book for the blind
  4. Why don’t we take children’s books seriously? by Julia Donaldson in The Telegraph
  5. Work hard and be nice – interview with Kirsty Logan including her tips for writers on Writers’ Circle Scotland
Reading is good.

How to pitch your book proposal

Slush/ Unsolicited manuscripts
A pile of unsolicited manuscripts, taken by children’s book editor Kate Sullivan

All too often proposals for books or articles end up on the slush pile simply because authors don’t know how to put them across to editors. Commissioning editor for Pen and Sword Books, Jen Newby, reveals how to hook an editor and get your non-fiction proposal noticed.

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A guest post by Adam Charles, Writer and Director of the excellent iWriteReadRate.

iWrite (© jeffrey james pacres

By way of introduction, is primarily an ebook website for writer’s work. 

We are developing a dynamic, democratic, open and supportive community for writers and authors to receive valuable ratings and reviews to enable them to prove and improve their writing.  Whether you’re a writer or a reader looking for new stories, we believe there will be something on our site for you. Writers upload their work and our site automatically converts them into ebooks.

I liken my need to build the website to that of being a natural writer.  I don’t mean that it all came completely organically; rather that you simply cannot stop yourself from doing it.  It is a compulsion, a need, a desire as strong as any can be.  Yes, the challenge is big and yes it will be bumpy along the way, but as every writer knows the drive takes over and the act of creativity becomes all that matters. This is what it was like in the early stages of iWriteReadRate. For more on my person motivations read my post: The Story of iWriteReadRate.

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