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Interview: For Books’ Sake Jane Bradley

In a sort of addendum to the Book Blogger files, I spoke to freelance writer and editor of women’s writing zine For Books’ Sake Jane Bradley about gender imbalance in literature, genre snobbery and reading recommendations.

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The Book Blogger Files #1 – Roof Beam Reader

There are approximately 8 zillion trillion gillian book blogs on the internet – but how do you know whether the reviews on there will actually match your own tastes?  I figured one way might be to find out a little bit more about the people writing them.  This is why I now present The Book Blogger Files – a series of interviews with the mysterious literary enthusiasts behind the keyboards.  First up, freelance essayist and creative writer Adam Burgess, also known as Roof Beam Reader (the name is a reference to a story by J.D.Salinger).

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