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How to write blog comments

On Monday I talked about blog comments – more specifically the fact that even when I enjoy reading something I don’t necessarily leave a message to say so.

I mentioned this is because if I was going to say something I’d want it to add value to the discussion, or at the very make me appear pithy / wise / hilarious to other readers…. But also conceded that I love getting comments on my blog regardless of what they say, because the important thing is someone stayed long enough to read an entire post. People often get here by accident – sometimes looking for Glempy, Sandra, or Michelle; other times because some of my tags are a bit facetious.

Still, I’m rarely inundated with chat in the comments section and I reckon this is partly down to the fact that lurking readers do the same thing as me – read (or skim), go ‘I see. Well, I have nothing to add,’ and move on.  But help is at hand!  From now on you will always have something to add – just choose from one of my top ten pithy and insightful blog comments*, listed below. Copying and pasting has never made a blogger feel so validated.

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The Ugly Man

The concluding part of my introduction to The Ugly Man.

If you listen carefully, you can also hear my mega-creaky chair complaining in the background every time I move.

A Reading

Here, for your delight and delectation, is a second reading continuing your introduction to The Ugly Man. He does have a name, but you don’t get to know what it is yet.

In other news, I wrote another guest post for Mslexia, if you would like to have a read.

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