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Author Interview: Jan Kozlowski

Jan Kozlowski is a freelance writer and web consultant, who lives in Connecticut with her husband of 24 years, a neurotic German shepherd mix named Louie, and 8 rescue cats.  She chatted to me about her new book, why e-books are the new pulp fiction, and why you should write what you love.

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Do Writers Need to Read?

I have written about the difficulties of conflicting advice for writers on a number of occasions, but one thing that always crops up everywhere is that you cannot write unless you read.  You have to do this all the time, widely and critically, fiction and nonfiction, books, papers, magazines and even blogs.

But why?

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Interview: Weaponizer

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This week’s guest post is an interview with the editor of online magazine Weaponizer (and general polymath) Bram E. Gieben, also known on the internet as Texture

He spoke to me about SF, online publishing and making a terrible discovery about Grant Morrison…

Can you describe Weaponizer for anyone that hasn’t come across it before?

Weaponizer publishes fiction online in several forms – flash fiction (stories under a thousand words), short stories (1000 – 8000 words), serial fiction (ongoing stories of novel or novella length), and webcomics. We also publish nonfiction articles and essays on everything from film to music to the occult.

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